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If you are a collection maintainer on AO3, for a collection that is NOT for any kind of exchange, fest, or general fandom event, this is where you announce it!

Please be sure to appropriately tag your post. If relevant tags are not available, please use the "!tags request" tag.

Please limit your announcements to 2-3 per day.

Make sure you include the following information in your post:

Name of the collection
Collection's focus
Collection's fandom
Link to collection

Any other information you wish to include is helpful, but optional.
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Name of the collection: Dirk/Jake Compendium
Collection's focus: Fanfic for Dirk/Jake, (a) where the ship is the primary focus of the fic and (b) free of this fandom's hellish abuse discourse.
Collection's fandom: Homestuck
Link to collection: Here!

Open and unmoderated. Bookmarks will only be allowed until the code push happens to allow maintainers to add other people's works.
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Name of the collection: Good Guy Loki
Collection's fandom: Thor and related
Link to collection: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/Good_Guy_Loki
Collection's focus: Fic where Loki is not necessarily a hero, but not a villain either. All AUs are welcome.

Membership is open, and posting is unmoderated. Please feel free to also add relevant bookmarks.


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